Monday, 29 September 2014

On the Bottle

I've been intending to switch from my trusty reusable Polycarbonate container to something less disputable for some time now. I haven't been in excessively of a rush, considering the test that decided polycarbonate drains endocrine upsetting bisephanol An into refreshments was conceivably defective. Still, I figured I'd roll out the improvement inevitably, once my container bit the dust.

Inevitably came Tuesday evening. While stirring up some gatorade to bring with my to the rec center, the cover to my quite jazzy starbucks water jug opening in two, spilling neon lemon lime refreshment everywhere throughout the sink. Fluid cash, down the channel.

On the brilliant side, this implies I get to treat myself to a sparkly new jug. Eco and wellbeing well disposed alternatives incorporate Klean Kanteen and Sigg flasks. Klean Kanteens are stainless steel while Sigg is a lighter aluminum with an exceptional internal covering. Both brands come in a few sizes with diverse tops to fit your needs. Sigg brand jugs additionally arrive in a mixed bag of colors and fun plans, in the same way as night enclosure jug imagined previously. While the jugs extend in cost from $15-$20, bringing your drink with you spares assets and cash. Case in point, purchasing the powdered Gatorade blend rather than the individual prebottled adaptation spares me $6 a month (focused around 12 excursions to the rec center in a 4 week period). Bringing my filtered water with me to class as opposed to hitting up the candy machine spares me an alternate $12-$15 a month. With that sort of investment funds, I've paid off my new jug in under one month's opportunity. It's a win-win all around.

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